Tamara Hey, is a New York City, AAA, folk/pop/rock singer-songwriter influenced by massive doses of The Beatles at a very young age and later on by Fleetwood Mac, Shawn Colvin and Suzanne Vega. Tamara’s quirky music and “storytelling prowess” move her listeners to giggle, gasp, sigh or cry through her carefully-crafted lyrics and infectious poppy music.

CURRENTLY, Tamara Hey is riding an exciting wave of TWO NEW RELEASES: “Miserably Happy”, (her 3rd AAA indie release), and “Leeny and Tamara - Sharing the Same Stars”, a CD of 14 original “funducational” children’s songs. Both projects keep her busy with interviews, promotion and live shows with and without her band in renowned NYC venues such as Arlene’s Grocery and Rockwood Music Hall and with “Leeny and Tamara” in venues (and private parties) throughout the North East.

In RECENT NEWS, legendary producer, Phil Ramone (Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and countless others), enlisted Tamara to work with him on a song entitled “The Heart of America” for the acclaimed PBS series “National Parks - America’s Best Idea” (2009), directed by Ken Burns; her voice appears on the recording of the song as well. Other of Tamara’s original compositions have found their way into the 2008 Olympics, a Canadian documentary, independent films and “Teen Idol” winner, Catalina Gaglioti’s upcoming recording. Numerous compilation CDs feature live and studio recordings of Tamara’s songs,
including "The Beatles on Ukelele" which features Tamara and singer/songwriter, JJ Appleton performing "I Want You"," Don Rosler's Recording Booth" project featuring a song Tamara and Don co-wrote entitled "First I Draw The Sun" and 3 Fast Folk Musical Magazine recordings (Smithsonian Folkways), alongside Rachel Sage, The Nudes, Richard Julian, Susan McKeown, and others.

SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO host, Deepak Chopra and Tamara, recently spent one chilly winter morning live on the air. (read more)